Top Places to Visit During Your Fishing Holiday in Dorset

Dorset, a county located in South West England on the English Channel coast, is an ideal location for your fishing holiday. This fisherman’s paradise boasts a diverse portfolio of fishing spots that are guaranteed to provide a thriving angling experience. To guide you in making memorable angling ventures in this charming county, this article has compiled a list of top places to visit during your fishing holiday in Dorset.

1) Chesil Beach:

Possibly one of the most popular fishing destinations in Dorset, Chesil Beach is an 18-mile long shingle beach that presents a spectacular fishing opportunity. This beach is known as a natural hotspot for numerous saltwater species including mackerel, sea bass and more. The location also has a significant number of fishing shops where you can rent or buy your fishing gear as well as places to unwind at the end of an exciting angling day.

2) Wimborne St Giles:

Especially attractive for beginner anglers, Wimborne St Giles offers an array of fly and coarse fishing options. Its stocked lakes contain various fish species from rainbow trout to carp and tench. It’s also home to the Saint Giles House, Roseland Lake, and various angling clubs that offer fishing lessons and training sessions to beginners. Don’t miss the annual trout festival which takes place here, when you may even catch a rainbow or brown trout.

3) Portland Harbour:

Portland Harbour is a crucial destination for fishermen looking for a space that offers both shore and boat fishing. The surrounding area provides a number of fishing spots with a variety of different species available, including wrasses, bream, pollock, and conger eels. The Portland Bill is a particularly iconic spot with a lighthouse marking the southernmost point of the harbour.

4) River Stour:

The River Stour in Dorset offers an array of fishing opportunities. Bait and fly fishing are popular here, and you can expect to pull in chub, roach, perch or pike from its waters. The river banks are also teeming with wildlife, making it an enjoyable place for nature-lovers as well.

5) Lyme Regis:

A small coastal town located at the border between Dorset and Devon, Lyme Regis is a favourite destination for sea fishing enthusiasts. This town is famous for its mackerel fishing trips that depart from the Cobb, a distinctive harbour wall. A variety of boat trips are offered, making it an ideal location to combine fishing with sightseeing.

6) Christchurch Harbour:

Bordered by Mudeford Quay and Stanpit Marsh, Christchurch Harbour is a hidden gem that offers an excellent spot for fishing. Here, your catch could include sea bass, mullet, flounder, and more. Fishing is not permitted throughout the year in order to maintain fish stocks and protect the area’s wildlife, so be sure to check the fishing seasons before you visit.

7) The Mackerel Bucket, Swanage:

For rod fishing in high seas, the Mackerel Bucket in Swanage is a must. Whether it’s wrasse, black bream or mackerel, abundant catches await you here. Accompanied by glorious views of the coastline, it’s a great combination of fishing holidays dorset an adventurous fishing experience and breathtaking scenic beauty.

8) Fishery House, Loders:

For those needing a fully-equipped fishing retreat, Fishery House in the village of Loders is ideal. With its own coarse fishing lake on-site, this is the perfect spot for a tranquil fishing get-away. You may catch carp, tench or roach in these peaceful surroundings.

Dorset, offering a diverse range of fishing environments from sea to river, beach to harbour, is indeed a perfect destination for angling enthusiasts. So, pack your fishing gear, head to these top places and create cherished memories. Happy fishing!